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Not that it matters because you guys have covered everything!

Took me 45 minutes to put it together and be able to play.  Would have been faster, but I saw something red on the back of the monitor panel and realized it was blood!  I have no idea how, where or when I cut myself.  Nothing is sharp on the parts, but I did!  Anyway, after a quick wrap of electrical tape, no more blood from my finger :) and I continued.

The monitor holes didn't quite line up, but everything else went in place fine.  My Big Boy as I call it took 4 days to build and get the controls all in.  It is small, but fine for what it is.  With a riser or custom base like I plan on doing so I can sit several side by side, it should be fine. 

Mine doesn't sit level, anyone else have that issue?

The only time that has been an issue is when the floor wasn't level.

Check to make sure everything is aligned, and that both sides have the little plastic floor protector pieces on.

It's not a big deal or show stopper.  All 4 are there, but maybe one isn't in all the way.

The Temptest 12-in-1 is a fun little cab.  I got it mainly for Major Havoc but the other games are fun too.  The spinner isn't the greatest, but better than the original from what I read.  Easy upgrade.  I'm happy with the cab :)


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