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Can I use a 19" monitor with all the stock components?

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Do you mean this one?

I like that is IS an arcade monitor.  I know these little cabs aren't as robust, but hell, I can more than man handle moving and carrying the Temptest one around (don't have my other one yet) by hand.  NO WAY can I move my big boy, that's why I installed refrigerator rollers on the bottom! 
If that's the monitor you are talking about, I have no problem with that one since if I upgrade this cab to a PC I can still use it with an adapter. 
Again I love these BECAUSE of the size, and they look fun.  Also I can introduce kids to all this and these are perfect size.  :)  I'm sold!  Granted I'd love to have original dedicated full size cabs... but in a house, we have to compromise right?

Teh Lurv:
ArcadeModUp sells a LVDS to HDMI converter. That should work with any stock A1U PCB:


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