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Famicom pcb with vga, scart, stereo and fourscore built in ?!?


These are popping up all over our favorite Chinese marketplaces:

There seem to be a few different models.   A standard one, one with a genesis 2 av out port and one with stereo.   They seem to be fairly new but judging by the engrish they are capable of either 640x480@ 60 or 1024x1280@60 vga out or rgb scart.  Analog scanlines and multiple palettes are also featured.   The included game ports are 9 pin famicom BUT there are pin headers to add four nes controller ports which would be simple enough to source these days.  Expanded audio also seems to be supported.   They also use the chips from a donor famicom, so it should play accurately.   Unfortunately, I can't find much more info on them.   I've seen them go from $125 up to $200 and right now our favorite site is having a sale till july 1st so I could probably get one for under 100.    Throw a cart adapter on there and it'd be a good alternative to the rgb nes mod kits available.   

What do you guys think?

Looks cool.
Is that the same processor used in the older Terasic boards I see on there?

Has the MiSTer knockoff avalance finally begun?

I realize the ability to plug carts in definitely one-ups the game.

Curious to hear if anyone here owns one (or similar) yet.

From what I can figure out it uses fpga to generate a rgb video signal from the fc's ppu but it's actually a fc and needs a donor cpu from the genuine article.   If it was a fpga console I wouldn't be interested.   


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