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3500 in 1 jamma board No VGA Signal Please help!


Hi Guys,

I just bought a 4 player creative arcades 2nd hand and it has a 3500 in 1 jamma games family inside.

After much trouble shooting I'm incline to believe that the 64 SSD may have died.

I was wondering, does anyone have a hard drive image I could download? I already have an ssd to test and hopefully it boots.

Currently I have no vga signal and no sound even tho fan spins and green light with mobo.

Everything is connected correctly inside and tested a different power supply with no luck.

If anyone could please help me I would certainly appreciate it. 

Folder with pictures if you are interested.


This are all the things I've done and unfortunately I have the same result. Jamma board gets a green light, CPU Fan spins, no video signal no audio.

+change power supply

+changed VGA cable

+Changed monitor

+SSD WORKS FINE. plugged it to another pc and can see the content

+CPU WORKS FINE. Replaced it with another working one and it made no difference.


+Put a new stick of RAM. 

+tried booting w/o any RAM. 

+tried booting w/o ssd.


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