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Help needed with Arcadevga card and WG9200



 First time poster.
I have had my arcade mame cabinet fro many years and finally the HDD decided to no longer work.
 The old pc I feel is now longer useful to use again with a new HDD as it has the original ArcadeVGA APG card and next thing to go wrong will be t he MB.

 So I was looking around for an ArcadeVGA pci 5000 card, but these are no longer available.  :(
So what do I do now to get full use with the WG9200 monitor  and mame? from memory the Monitor will do 15/25/31KHZ
 So it was good for SF and MK etc


Get an older ATI/AMD/Radeon video card and install CRT_emudriver + Groovymame. Or Groovyarcade, at least to get you going with your new system.

Check out the stickied threads on the Groovymame branch of this forum :D

If you decide to replace the HDD in old system, suggest you get an SSD instead.


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