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Found a unicorn on eBay. 3 unicorns rather

3 fireflys as-is.  All came with wiped hard drives. Some scratched touchscreens. Monitor mounts broken. Possibly a bad touchscreen controller. Maybe a bad battery or 2.

Me and Mahkeymike are taking a stab at repairing these bad boys

Will post progress pics as we go. 1 is already looking promising

Get hyped

Pic of lot. Imaging hard drive with system rescue CD on thumb drive

One up and running! This was the easiest fix. Onto the really broken ones ..

Its a shame how people damage these machines not knowing how to take them apart to do a simple repair like a new cmos battery or a hard drive. From what you said about the hard drives being wiped as a standard procedure for companies to do before reselling, its possible they are the ones that probably busted the monitor mounts. :angry:

Want to thank Mike for the early B-day present!
So heres where i am at so far.....
All the mounting posts for the monitor/TS were completely busted off. Luckily the Bezel is made out of ABS plastic. This makes chemical welding easily possible with just a sheet of ABS plastic, Q-tips, Acetone, and a whole lot of patience and precautions (acetone will melt a Firefly) lol.


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