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--- Quote from: Zebidee on October 27, 2022, 02:22:22 am ---There are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself before running off to get a patent.

Like, just to get a basic domestic patent registered, there is a not-small fee. Registering patents internationally will be more again. That will be on top of whatever you have to pay lawyers to make sure everything is right, T's crossed and i's dotted.

None of that will stop ripoffs from emerging.

More important will be making sure that cheating competitors cannot easily ripoff your tech. So, no detailed closeups of your circuit boards, for example. It is OK to discuss what the Xenas gun does in general terms, but leave out certain specifics. Be careful what you say in public.

Broadly speaking, if you plan to be selling units in the thousands or more, then seriously consider at least a basic domestic patent.

If you expect to be selling just hundreds of units, it might not be worth your while.

You may want to compare notes with other people in this space, like JayBee for example. Even if you guys might technically be competitors, there is enough room for people to cooperate and even collaborate for mutual benefit.

--- End quote ---

Thank you.

The XENAS GUN (X-GUN) is progressing really well.
The X-GUN software is 99% complete.
The PC Utility Software is 95% complete.

I have more info in my discord channel:

Short video showing the PC Utility software and what the X-GUN can do:


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