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I agree with Randy.

Bluetooth and wifi don't wear out and "fail" after "3-5 years". If this happens to you, then stop playing games while in the shower or at the beach. Don't use your controllers as melee weapons. Look after your gear better.

I don't always want a lightgun with a realistic weight (vs real weapon). I don't always want a lightgun with solenoid recoil strong enough to knock out a child. Because I'd like it to be suitable for smaller people, thinking wife, kids, visitors (not worrying about "no war toys for kids" arguments here).

Rechargeable batteries wear out in a few years, we replace them, no big deal. Over the next ten years or so I expect big advances in battery tech, efficiency and safety, as explained elsewhere, so looking forward to that.

Finally, USB-C charge cables are ridiculously cheap these days. They are for sale at the local phone shops. I can buy a suitable one for $2 easily. So if it breaks (it hasn't yet) I can just go grab another, and will have enough change left from $5 to get a bottle of milk and a snack.

Looking forward to testing the Xenas, if when I get the chance.


Windows X-GUN Utility.
Copyright 2022 Ugo Odukwe Solutions LLC.

Looks awesome! Very professional  :applaud:

Are there any legalities to be concerned about with use of these logos?


--- Quote from: Zebidee on October 07, 2022, 04:02:50 am ---Are there any legalities to be concerned about with use of these logos?

--- End quote ---

We checked and there weren’t any as far as we know. Those logos appear and disappear based on which settings you select.
Most of these companies have a media section on their websites where they allow the public and press to use their logo. We’re basically advertising for them. We’re letting people know which current OS/System their X-Gun configuration will work in.


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