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--- Quote from: Zebidee on June 24, 2022, 07:22:21 pm ---"This search session has expired. Please start a search session again by clicking on the TRADEMARK icon, if you wish to continue."

I know what you are saying though. Even though nobody can claim copyright "X-*wildcard*", a simple search for the term "X-GUN" on your favourite search engine will get you dozens of hits, including toy guns, games and gaming peripherals. Too confusing and does not differentiate the product  :-\

Ugo, The Xenas ;) really does look like a great project and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop. We need more lightguns :D

--- End quote ---

Thank you Zebidee, I appreciate it a lot. I will be posting more as the project continues.

The X-GUN is almost complete.
Patent Pending. Copyright Ugo Odukwe Solutions LLC 2022.

Looks good! Am happy to support and try this gun out. Pre-orders?

Thanks. I greatly appreciate your help.
Once, it's fully completed. I plan on sending out one or two models for people (you) to test.


--- Quote from: Xiaou2 on June 22, 2022, 07:20:48 pm --- I also wonder, if it detects 3d positioning accuracy... for use in VR games?

--- End quote ---

Doesn't need to work in VR.  This is a real-world device.  VR guns only need to use a Vive tracker and have a means to connect to the pads underneath for the switches, or are simply a plastic shell which the actual VR controller slips into.

--- Quote --- Finally... it looks like it might be Battery Powered.  I strongly am Against this.  Rechargable batteries only last
a few years... and they always seem to lack power, when you want to use them.

--- End quote ---

Wireless will always be better for a gun.  If you can fit a replaceable 18650 in the grip, that would be plenty for hours of gaming.  Solenoids should probably have their own add-on battery.

--- Quote --- See you have mentioned BluTooth.   Not so good.

 Any wireless device Ive used, tends to last about 3 to 5 yrs, before the internal Radio fails.
 As for the connection speeds, I have concerns about data-processing and communication delay Lag.
Lag is a real issue with time-sensitive shooters.. such as  "Shooting Gallery" for the Sega Master System.
(Zombie shooters are garbage, and dont require any real accuracy at all)

--- End quote ---

And yet, a ton (perhaps literally) of 15-18 year old Xbox360 and PS3 controllers are still working fine out there.  These are used with twitch-shooters.  If it's good enough for that, it's more than good enough for a light gun and any game made for one.  VR controllers are also wireless and real-time responsiveness is far more important with those.  It takes a lot more time to extrapolate positional data than it does to transmit the resulting information to the system, so any perceivable lag will be due to that, not because it's wireless.


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