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Skee Roll Model 78 Skee Ball Restoration


I am looking for all the help/knowledge I can on this machine!
I recently purchased this machine (in March 2022) and am eager to continue restoring it!  But, it seems every time I get one thing fixed, another thing either breaks, fuse blows etc. (mostly because of my own fault). Attached is a pic from when I first bought it/and a couple weeks ago).

So far I have:
- Scrubbed the heck out of it
- Hand fixed/repaired/sewed new netted panels (fabricated them by using handrail netting I found on Amazon)
- Upgraded the ball count and score board to LED (purchased from
- Fabricated a front metal panel to hide the start of the alley, where the cork was separating (used a piece of flashing and cut to size)
- Sanded and painted the side rails (used a hammered dark grey)...also purchased silver striping off of Amazon and a Skee Ball sticker off of Ebay to be affixed to side rails
- Purchased balls (from it didn't come with any)
- Made new sand bags
- Fabricated new bumper things that are inside the 10/20 rings (using some foam cat toys found on Amazon then cut in 1/2)

It is a:Skee Ball Inc
Model: 78
Serial Number: SRP216
Thank you!!!


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