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Happ guns for emulator setup?


I currently have a Maximum Force cabinet with an 8 way JAMMA switcher in it with 2 Happ guns and everything works great.  I have about 20 or so different boards for it and have one of the 8 ports external so I can swap games without pulling the cabinet out and opening it.

However, I have for a while been wondering if there is a way I can basically do this with a PC and emulator.

Is there anyway to get the Happ guns to work natively with the CRT and an emulator setup like MAME on a PC and have everything work through the JAMMA harness? 

I had heard some things about using a USB2Gun board from America's Army to do something similar to this however I could never find much information about it, nor if games were able to be emulated well in MAME.

Last time I played my Lethal Enforcers board, the sound is starting to go and I know that means I have to replace the sound chip on it, which isn't easy/trivial and isn't cheap.  It's things like this that make me wonder if I can go a different direction with basically turning this into a light gun emulation station if possible so that I won't have issues like this in the long run.

I also have a Time Crisis pedal that I use for Time Crisis on it so it would be awesome if that could be hooked up as well somehow.  If I recall though, I believe it's just hooked to either P1 Button 1 or P1 Start under the hood.

Anyways, if anyone has any information about this that would be great.  If it's not possible and someone can confirm that, that would be great too just so I know it's not a possible route.



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