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VR controllers as lightgun

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hello i try to achieve what the title topic says. Here the first results:

added relative mouse position, now i can plays Pcsx2 games with nuvee plugin, tryed the training mode of Vampire Night:

what i have done is a program with unity that work like this: in the headset you see a green panel, you must set the position and the dimension of the panel in a way that it fit the position&dimension of your TV/Monitor, now you must unwear the headset (finding a way to not le it enter in sleeping mode) and you can use the Motion Controller as lightgun. The inputs are managed by the program using the Win32 Api.
Sorry for my bad english

This is really cool. Good job.

I was wondering if you could share some code to this project? I would love to give it a go and if theres anything that you think that could be added then maybe we can contribute to it?

I don't know what happened to this user, but he is onto something which was touched upon back when the lighthouse technology was new.  Namely, the ultimate, but expensive, "lightgun" system.

I have my doubts about the accuracy of camera-based VR controller tracking, but the lighthouses are supposedly super precise.  All it would take is a VR tracker attached to a gun (something like this), or a specialized gun with the sensors, and a lighthouse (preferably 2) in front somewhere.  It would then know exactly the position of the gun in space, as well as exactly where the barrel is pointing.  The only problem is that it wouldn't know where in 3D space the monitor is located.  So, this would require an additional sensor for the monitor, or some finicky calibration.  But once everything was dialed in, it would probably be pretty amazing. 

Hopefully the project is made available and works with those items, as I'd love to give it a proper test.


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