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Hantarex MTC 9000 width problem

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Hi Guys,

My monitor has a width problem, it's a Hantarex MTC 9000, some of the game is off screen, I've tried the horizontal pot it does make the image wider/narrower so it appears to be working, but when I adjust it fully some of the game is still off screen. I wanted to replace it with a flat panel, but everyone keeps telling me to keep the CRT and fix it.
So where do I start to diagnose the fault?

i would start by reading the values of the following capacitors,
c41  4.7uf 63v bipolar
c40 6.8nf 1600v
c36 3.9nf 1600v
c37 470nf 250v

if you don't have a cap meter then send for repair or replace all of them, you may get lucky. Make sure you replace with correct type capacitors


I'm a bit nervous about working on the monitor, so I want to make sure i'm looking at the right part before i begin, I found those caps on the manual, but I'm not sure i can see them on the chassis, is this the correct manual or is my monitor slightly different? or am i just not seeing them the components seem to be marked differently. I also looked the caps you mentioned up in the manual and none of them mention bipolar, they mention metalized polyproplyene and double metalized polyproplyene, what is a double metalized cap?


c42 is the bipolar, it was a error on my part


I discharged my monitor today and took the chassis out to get some better pictures, I'm not even sure it is a Hantarex MTC 9000, maybe some variant, if anyone knows what chassis it is i'd be most grateful.

I added a couple of notes in paint, first I noticed C42 is a radial type and the top is bulged out ready to pop, could this have anything to do with my width issue? It's just below B3 coil. My Sw 4 is horizontal not vertical. My C37 is a blue bead type at the back right of the chassis. On the MTC 9000 manual where C41 is I have C40 there instead, I didn't locate C41 or C36, there are a few partially visible numbers on some of the caps.

Where do i go from here? I can't see the value of C42 the bulged cap without removing it, I can't guarantee it will be the same value as the 9000 part no either. It would be a great help if I could actually identify the chassis and get the right manual.



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