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So, I found this old BYOAC topic here about getting the Aimtrak working in PCSX2.

I followed it to try and get my gun working with Crisis Zone on PCSX2 using the Nuvee plugin. Cannot get it working at all for the life of me. Followed the topic to the letter (although it seems like some of the PCSX2 config options are a tad different in the latest version). Got my left, right and middle buttons set to Trigger, B and A in the plugin screen. I think I've got the right game selected in the plugin config menu (there was a 480i and 480p version - I've tried both). I get in game, I don't get any prompts to calibrate the gun - it's almost like it's acting like I haven't got anything plugged into the USB slot, even though I've set the USB port 1 to act as a GunCon2. If I use the keyboard to navigate the menus and properly start a game, the only button that does anything is the button on the right side of the gun which pauses the game. There's an in-game cursor on screen that doesn't move or do anything as if the game's configured for a pad. If I navigate to the gun calibration screen there's a gunshot noise if I pull the trigger, but that's it nothing happens. I can see my actual mouse cursor moving on screen when I do this BTW, so I know the Aimtrak's working. Any suggestions as to what might be going wrong please? I'll attach pictures of my USB and Pad configs.

NVM, got it working now. Tried a couple of different things, so not actually sure what got it working in the end...

imo. just use the pcsx2 mouse patch + no flash hack (with replacing textures) = best way to play it.

Interesting, I'll have to look into this. I'd previously played the game using my PC mouse acting like a Joypad, which I'd hoped I could just do with the Aimtrak, but for some reason although my mouse still worked fine, I couldn't move the cursor with the Aimtrak, hence why I then tried the Nuvee plugin option. I'd forgotten though, back in my actual PS2 GunCon 2 owning days, about the fog that the lightgun needed to work.

What is the solution to play with alien gun? Like pad


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