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Light Gun Experts PLEASE HELP!!!


I am trying to set up a sega light gun to my pc.
I need some help please.
I have a Gun I/O Board for Ghost Squad Sega 838-14465R03, a UHID, a ghost squad gun, Sega LED BD GUN SENSE HOD 838-13145R02 x 10, all out of the lindbergh ghost squad arcade cabinet.
I need some help with how to connect the uhid to the gun sense board and then on to my pc via usb. Can somebody please explain the pin out to the uhid. I have attached a drawing of the board but I don’t know what f.out and “ret” is for ect
I know there is an x and y axis, and the trigger, which I can see. But the gun has fire select switch and an action button, but I can not see these and don’t know how to wire them to the uhid.
Also can I just use any 12 volt DC power supply. I was just going to buy a wall plug in one with 1 amp.
Also any information that might help me would be great. Thank you

A big thank you to Michael who has been helping me behind the scene.
Here is a link to his brilliant guide on light guns

I just need to know the questions above and below.

“The trigger signal goes from the gun to the gun sense board, then from the gun sense board output header to the UHID, the other buttons on the gun go directly to the UHID.” - Thanks Michael. I just need to identify the “other buttons”. I need to identify A1,B1,C1,D1 and E1 from the gun. So I know which wire is which. It would be good to know where each wire from the gun goes, and what wire the the letters represent, (A1=P1 X)? TRG, A1,B1,C1,D1,E1 and 12V.
Some of it may be obvious but I don’t want to guess and risk stuffing it up. I know TRG goes to the gun sense board, but thats all I know. It would be good to know what colour and (B1?) is the X and Y wires ect.

The output header has 9 wires. RET, 1P X, 1P Y, 2P X, 2P Y, 1P F.OUT, 2P F.OUT, 1P TRG, 2P TRG. Please can you explain where each wire goes. I am only using one gun, so I think 1P X and Y go to the UHID. TRG goes to UHID. I am not sure if RET and F.OUT goes to UHID.

I think this thread will be good for dummies like me


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