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My DWJukebox skin on a tablet PC, stand I made


I've been wanting to do this.  I found a very cheap used Walmart Windows 10 tablet (ONN brand with...get this....64gb of storage), and designed a new skin to use with my vintage radio collection.  Since it's a tablet that I didn't want to use as a hold-in-my-hand tablet, I looked around for how people have used tablets and found a stand design that I modified for my use.  I still need to stain it and correct the birch plywood insert that covers the tablet, but I'm pretty happy with the result.  It holds my lifetime's music library and did accomodate my 400gb microSD card.  100% touchscreen, DWJukebox and Touchjams.

EDIT:  Just forgot to mention that the audio is via the tablet PC's built in Bluetooth.

Looks great!

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This is the way to make a simple, discreet, dedicated, home music player/jukebox. 


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