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The Anyway Joystick-8/4/4Angle/2Vert/2Horizontal-leaf switch


I have a new, very limited run, product. The Anyway Joystick. Internally it uses a Groovy Game Gear Dominux8 joystick which has the rubber encapsulated steel centering grommet and arcade-quality leaf switches.

I have created a set up that will allow this joystick to select 8way/4way/4way-45 degree/2way horizontal and 2way vertical - mechanically from above panel. You get the feel of the original WICO like joystick but can select the correct configuration for the game. I have been using one for years, on my machine, that uses multiple original PCBs. I just didn't like the feel of the spring type joysticks nor did I want several joysticks on my cabinet to match all the different requirements.

The kit will come with a jig to cut the round hole and shelf needed to install.

I have made three, and can make more if needed, but I can only make, maybe, one every two weeks.

Please ask any questions.

The unit with installation template is $265.00 plus shipping.

I am the person that has been making Front Line Rotary Switches.

Thank again,


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