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Is there anyway to find out the key part number without having the correct software? I have a few keys that faded and the part number cant be read. Also have a few keys missing labels.
I know some were from less popular games like Funzone, kidspace, and gametime. I just cant read the part numbers and it would take a long time trying to install all the different versions of software to try to figure them out.

Can you read any part of the key information? feel free DM if you dont want to post key info on the forum

i split this into it's own topic, since it warrants it's own discussion.

I don't know enough to do it, Is there something that would read it off one of the force square io boards in either Windows or Linux?

look at the last two digit family code on the etched serial# if its 02 or 82 then you can rule out 2007 - 2014 And also, those keys are password protected so trying to read the data on them wont do you any good unless you figure out the password.


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