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Hi all,

I have been trying to compile a list of all the software releases, however information is hard to come by online and not having access to all the install media means I cant verify everything myself.
If you have any familiarity with the Megatouch software releases and are willing to take a look i would be very grateful, if you spot anything that is wrong on the list or you know of a different version I have missed then please let me know as i dont have access to every piece of hardware or key to check these.

Software Diagram

Software List with more information


There is also a very early GameTime version based off force 03 or 04 that ran on the radions

Boardwalk was an Ion platform game circa 2006. Used the purple ecs board, a security key, and a "plays" key

Kidzpace/touch2play for ion was updated through 2013. The ion 2013 key worked on this kidzpace version and vise versa.

I have all the force and ion ISOs. And mainly all Maxx/XL. There are generally multiple versions for each year. For example, even though there was no ion 2012.5 there were 2 maybe 3 versions of ion 2012

Thank you for the information, I will update the Diagram and upload a new version.
Did the Kidzspace software just use the regular ION discs do you know?

I am just going through which ISO's I have so I can see which ones im missing

Kidzpace up until 2013 used the same as Ion.  2013 was an interesting year as they added hardware support for very specific VIA chipset and only for touch2play (never made it to ion 13/14).  Sound is broken in the only image of this that I have (but I was able to fix by recompiling the kernel), but it could be because I don't have the specific VIA board.

Also I remembered there is a version of GameTime specifically made for the Aurora GT which is Ion 2010.5.  Used the security key SA3609-01

I keep thinking of more...Megatouch Entertainer was based off the Ion platform.  Case was essentially a Wallette with a 17" screen.  Had an I/O board with a better amplifier, plugs for speaker wire in the back.   Also took 2 security keys, SA3556-01 and I can't recall the other off the top of my head.

Thanks again, this diagram is now getting quite large.

Not familiar with Kidzpace or GameTime, i wasnt aware that they did this many different versions.
I have to say the Mr. VIPS is my current favourite


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