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New hardware for groovymame 243


So, after couple years of my cab hardware with Intel Pentium G3258 I finally upgraded to groovymame version 243. Sadly some games do not run so good as years ago due added discrete sound emulation, emulation improvements that usually cost in performance. I was thinking of rather cheap replacement. So far I have two candidates Intel Pentium G7400 (I read it can be overclocked just like G3258 in the past and it has impressive performance after that), i3-12100F (another cheap option and again can be overclocked using BCLK frequency).

Are there any other cheap options ? This is my cab PC used for only emulation. I don't know how MAME these days uses multicore processors so maybe someone could enlighten in this matter. For several years G3258 with just two cores did a great job. Of course it also matter of changing mainboard, RAM as well :/

Well, it appears that changing hardware does not make sense for me - only couple of games works now below 100% (mostly due net list analog audio) when I compare to older mame versions. Spending another 200 USD would be waste of money.

I'm in a similar boat... currently have AMD A-10 3.5 Ghz quad core, but it struggles with a few of the 3D games. I was thinking about updating MAME and my romset, but not sure it would be worth the hassle and cost since I would probably need a faster CPU, main board, RAM, and power supply . Looks like I'll be sticking with my older version of MAME so I don't get any further performance hits!

I don't know what version You are using but jumping from 210 to 243 for me was ok. Most of games still works fine. Personally I don't bother 3D games (with exception of some shmups like Brave Blade).


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