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RGB-Pi OS 4 ALFa 12 released with improved G-Con compatibility for gun games


Alejo I:
RGB-Pi OS is a fantastic piece of software that takes the Raspberry platform and turns it into an extremely accurate, fast and powerful emulation solution for CRT setups. The ALFa version was released a couple of months ago with Dreamcast support, dynamic resolution and G-Con compatibility for lightgun games and it's being updated almost weekly. If you own a Raspberry Pi 4 and a CRT display, you ought to try it.

Official site

RGB-Pi 4 OS4 ALFa testing program

OS4 changelog:

--- Quote ---
* Compatibility with all RPi4 models (RPI3 and below not included) since the first one that was released with the possibility of overclocking to 1.8GHz to reach the base frequency of the latest models (We recommend a 2GB ram model, more is unnecessary)
Hardware backwards compatibility with all up-to-date RGB-Pi hardware, Scart, JAMMA and Plus models.
Renewed user interface with animated pixel art Themes, scrolls and sprites.
Introduction of the exclusive Dynares development programmed by rTomas within Retroarch itself that is capable of generating Timings or resolutions at the moment using Calamity Switchres without any type of limitation, just like a PC with an educated graphics card, 15-24-31KHz progressive and interlaced. Not only that, but it is also capable of changing the resolution and the refresh rate within the game itself whenever necessary, adapting the Vsync to the exact refresh rate and speed of each game, as we can see in FPGA implementations, so the speed of execution is native too, other features will be explained later...
Support for GCon2 and other light guns: after promoting the development of the driver for linux and years of work together with Beardypig and rTomas we have support for light guns (at the moment GCon2) for all systems, NES, SMS, SNES, MD, PS1, DC (pending a bug) and arcade, including many arcade games that were not really light guns but joysticks, but that we have managed to make them work too, with their own calibration in the user menu for both position and of screen brightness necessary for the correct operation of the gun.
New systems supported, Dreamcast and Atomiswave, DosboxPure and X68000 (allowing HD 480i gaming even on a home TV)
Many other improvements that we will explain but that you already have in the software to test them.
--- End quote ---

Alpha 12 changelog

--- Quote ---
* Added overclock for all Pi4 models. CPU=2000Mhz, GPU=700Mhz (VOIDS WARRANTY!!!)
Added SegaCD LGun player validation
Added Swedish lang
Added Dreamcast to LGun supported systems
Added cpuinfo for command line interface
Fixed Dreamcast Flycast UDEV driver
Fixed SNES Native resolution
Fixed all controller types (LGun, DOSBox, etc.)
Changed PCSX-Rearmed by SwanStation
Changed Dreamcast Alpha Sorting for better performance
--- End quote ---

Some OS4 videos:

would you look at this? I found the perfect console for my bartop.... Pi4 b ,together with a cheap vga66 i had around, rgb-pi , loaded robotron, and the image its near perfect. So if all goes fine. Ill start my build in the next 2 weeks. I chose Rgb-pi OS4 over other OS like recalbox, or retropie, because it has Calamitys, switchres builtd in, and uses the latest mame, wich kind of like competes with fpga in terms of input lag.
thanks for the hard work.


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