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Megatouch security key saver for all Maxx, Force, Ion - looking for beta testers

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--- Quote from: lilshawn on May 17, 2022, 04:25:29 pm ---hi Mike, sent you a PM about a week ago and haven't heard back. Could I get you to have a look at it and get back to me? Thanks!

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Sorry didn't see it. I emailed you

I bought a keyless 2014 off eBay and I get errors in some games would this fix my problem


from what i understand is the system key has 2 things... a serial number (permanent and unique to each key) and volatile key data (backed up by a battery and unique to the system version year (ion 2014 or whatever))

the megatouch asks the key for data, and the key spits out its serial number and the volatile key data contained in the memory pages to the system... problem is, the batteries inside these will eventually run out and the data will disappear. when it asks for the key data it will spit out the serial number... and a bunch of empty key page data.

what this would do is copy the keydata onto the system to back it up so that when/if the battery inside the key fails, when it asks for the key data it will spit out the serial number... and a bunch of empty key page data... the system will read the backup file and continue to operate.

TL;DR - you have to have an already working key for this to work.

also, megatouch software requites a security key to operate. if you bought a "no key" version on ebay you bought a hacked/stolen software.

i'm all for hacking your own software and you take your own chances, but profiting off it by selling them is wrong.

Thanks, the listing said it was tested and working but maybe they didn't try all the games

well "works"...

works about as good as buying a burned CD containing "microsoftoffice2021profullversion+keygen+crack.rar"

sure, it will work for a bit... and then when you update your OS it breaks...or when you access the internet it breaks... or your antivirus deletes a file cause it's modded and it breaks.

there is no "keyless" version of this software. it's always required a key and anything that doesn't, is a hack and stolen software.

at this point, you are best to go to ebay or wherever you purchased it from and get you money back, cause you where literally scammed into buying stolen software.

this software and it's keys are expensive because you literally pay for the ability to make money with it.

"home" versions of software like what you can get from golden tee and pinballs and stuff have the coin acceptance ability removed out of them, which is why the "home" versions of these are so much cheaper... you pay 5,000 bucks more for a pinball machine you can put somewhere and charge people to play and make money with.

2014 software and key is expensive, yes... but it was expensive to begin with.


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