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Megatouch security key saver for all Maxx, Force, Ion - looking for beta testers

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Hey all,

Working on a new project, a linux shared library that will automatically dump your security key and load it from disk on subsequent boots.  Basically, what this will do is protect your machine in the event that the battery in your security key dies.  We all know keys dying today are rare, and even though my original Maxx key from 1999 is still working, time is ticking...

This will *not* make your machine keyless but instead check to see if the same key is still inserted (the serial can be read even after the key dies), and if so, return the original key data to the game so that it boots.  The best part about this library is that it's one file that will run on all Linux-based platforms (Maxx, Force, Ion).  For Force and Ion, it can be permanently loaded onto your machine simply by putting a USB stick in it when booting.  Maxx will require some extra work due to lack of USB support.

- Works with your existing hard drive (no hard drive swapping needed)
- Completely free of any binary hacking
- Completely free of side effects from buggy keyless hacks (like volume control not working, tri-towers crashing)
- Will 100% pass all in-game checksums for that original megatouch feel  :lol
- No entering commands into the linux shell
- Will survive factory resets
- Drive can be easily cloned and still boot as long as you have your original security key (regardless if dead or not)
- Save your security key forever, eventually will incorporate a feature where it will save the key back to the USB stick in case a new hard drive/reinstall is necessary

- It's an alpha/beta version so there might be some issues but it can't (at least in theory?) completely kill your machine, so I recommend backing up your hard drive before using

Looking for anyone who might be willing to test.  I am designing this for people who have never worked on megatouches/arcades before to make it as easy as possible, so you are welcome to test if you know how to plug in a USB drive to your megatouch and turn it on  :P

Edit 12/28/23: official release at

Interesting stuff, i would be very happy to take a look.
Feel free to DM me if you would like me to test anything for you.
I have some experience with the Megatouch code so would be good to see how this is done

Very Nice!!
I'm in! :)

hi Mike, sent you a PM about a week ago and haven't heard back. Could I get you to have a look at it and get back to me? Thanks!

maybe his inbox is full


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