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I just bought 2 JVL systems, updates on 3 machines 4/22

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Can't complain about the condition since the price was great. I knew these would be a project, and I'm perfectly ok with that. Haven't had a chance to plug them in yet. Literally just dropped them off at home and ran back to work.
I have a working 2011 megatouch that I rebuilt myself, so I'm somewhat familiar with the touchscreen and components, however I never thought I'd find any JVL's for a reasonable price so never bothered looking into them.

The larger of the two, the encore seems to have not been monkeyed with. All the others I saw had the front screen removed and hanging by the cable that keeps it from falling off like the megatouches have.

This one is still solidly attached and the little box with what I'm assuming has the motherboard and all the usb's plugged into it is still intact.

The smaller vortex seems to be ok, but I don't see hard drives in either, so I don't know if there's supposed to be more to the backside of these.. (I'm assuming there is supposed to be more in them)

 Does anyone have pictures of what mine should look like from the rear? also things I should look out for if I encounter more?

I'm assuming parts are not readily available for these, so maybe I should buy the broken ones I found as spares/donor machines.

 Any help/thoughts would be appreciated
(sorry about formatting, had to copy/paste it here, a pain to edit with phone)

*edit* Since I have this topic up, can anyone tell me if the JVL classics and eclipse are worth getting? I know they're older than the two posted above, but don't know much more than that about them.

The vortex uses cf cards. Encore SD card. Bad motherboards are common with both. I don't have pics. You were kinda all over the place in your post so if there's something more specific you need, let me know.

Sorry I'll try to be more clear.
I just wanted as much info in my post as possible.

1. Do these two units look complete, or are they missing parts?
2. Is the memory card between the screen and motherboards on these things?
3. What's the USB drive for on the larger machine?
4. Is it worth buying more of these for parts?
What is the going rate for non working and working used ones?

1. Depends what you mean by complete. They're missing the coin bucket and dollar stacker. For the hardware that's required to start the machines, can't tell from the pictures you posted

2. Depends upon the motherboard. Vortex can be on top or below of the motherboard. Encore/echo is a sd card slot on the side

3. You're probably looking at the wifi dongle

4. Depends upon price of the parts

(No number) varies widely. Check eBay and your local listings

bill validator is missing it's bill stacking box. both are missing their coin buckets.

power supply in the vortex is probably cooked... most are. its replaceable for about 100 bucks with a brand new one.


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