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I've only ever had a very quick try of a 3DS once in my life, which was a one round go on Street Fighter 4 on a demo unit in a shop. At the time I remember thinking the 3D effect looked pretty good, but never really had any inclination to purchase the console as I really have no need of another handheld in my life (I've already got a DSi XL and DS lite, both with R4 cards and tons of games and emulators on them I never play).

I've always been intrigued by the Sega AGES 3D line on the system though. I've never ever seen any of these games running on the actual hardware and I've always been curious about just how good the 3D effect is? Can anyone that owns one and some of the Sega AGES stuff, specifically games like Outrun, Afterburner, Shinobi and Thunderforce 4 give me an idea of how good the effect is? I'd thought about maybe picking up a secondhand 3DS at some point in the distant future when you could ideally pick them up for nowt, but with the closure of the Nintendo eShop happening next year, it feels like a time limit has now been put on this idea if I wanted to buy the games via legit routes (I guess a 3DS R4 could be a consideration though if I didn't want to rely on the eShop). At present though, the price of the system, even secondhand, still feels a bit too steep for me to justify a purchase for just playing a load of 20+ year old games I've already played to death, just for the novelty of fancy visuals.

So, just how fancy are those fancy visuals? Does it revolutionize the super-scaler stuff like Outrun? Am I, massive Sega fanboy that I am (or used to be anyway), going to regret never picking these game up when I had the chance if it turns out you can't just R4-ify them for some reason.

The effect is quite amazing, especially for titles that predate the technology, like Outrun.  The games legitimately feel like they have a real field of depth.  The cost vs worth isn't something I can determine for you , Outrun is still Outrun but the 3d is pretty cool.

Good to know, thanks!

So the R4 plan isn't going to help, apparently they only work for playing NDS games on the 3DS, so that eShop closure date clock is ticking. There were some physical releases of the games in compilation packs in Japan, but doing a bit of Googling these go for completely ridiculous prices now (that guy asking for £7,900 has got to be taking the piss...). Also, nice one Nintendo for region locking one of your handhelds for the first time 🙄

Only one of the compilations came to the UK/Europe region, but it was the one with probably the least interesting games on it (FFS, Sega!). So, looks like I better crack on picking up a system and hitting up that eShop tout suite.

There’s custom firmware isn’t there?  Mines hacked…



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