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Rowe/AMI Nitestar Rowelink


   I have a Nitestar i want to convert to a Windows 10 MP3 jukebox.  I have the PC with TouchJams, MediaMonkey and ITunes installed.  My question is this-how do i get the Rowelink adapter to work in the updated computer? if possible?  The controller in the original core computer has 2 cables on it that plug into the mainboard instead of a PCI slot.  Or can i just do away with it and unmute the amp someway?  All the lights work, and the moniter works if i can figure out the touch screen and the amplifier.  Is there a kit or anything or a PCI Rowelink adapter available?  Can anybody please help me?  I'm begging!!!  Thank you in advance for any and all help and input.


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