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--- Quote from: buttersoft on April 20, 2022, 10:04:57 pm ---I ended up removing the game and replacing it to see if i could get the shifters working in LAN, but no dice.

At the same time i had trouble getting things to network, and the fix seemed to be using both the FFB plugin settings and the hacked files, like you had to. So i've edited posts above. No idea why it worked the first time then.

--- End quote ---

Yea its a weird one. I think its partly got to do with Spice whereas if it was in TP i would imagine it would be far more stable.

Trying this one out. Edited the hex and set cab 2 to ID 2 in the FFB plugin - when P1 and P2 instances are launched both copies go to an error screen.  If I set FFB P2 to ID1 in the plugin, the error is gone but they don't link.  An earlier post said to use Booms jgt.dll, I only have the one that came with the download, not sure if it's booms or not.  Fun game though, hope I can get it sorted.


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