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Hope your weekend was a good one!  Mine went just a little tiny bit wrong today...
As mentioned in my Gametime iso topic post, I seem to have bricked my Gametime Force I/O board by running a mystery HDD out of another GT machine, which strangely reported "I/O board reprogrammed" during boot.  So, now I'm looking for a replacement and also hoping to dump the I/O firmware chip to use to restore the original board.  Or, if someone here has already ever done such a thing, I'd be glad to trade or pay for the service. I've heard that Gametime Force might have used the same I/O board as a commercial Force machine, and I do have spares of those already to try, but if someone can confirm if that's true before I try it, that would be great.  Thanks all! :)

Oh just replied to your other thread. I have a Force GT in my shop right now. Can dump the firmware if you need it. T-style I/o?

Yes! T-style... Kicking myself for trying that drive, but who'd-uh guess it would do such a thing coming out of an identical GT manufactured 16 months earlier? Thanks!

Ok - you have a way of flashing?

I've got some chipquik and a programmer buried here somewhere I've been meaning to learn how to use (along with my Atari CAT Box), but until the geneticists are willing to clone me or eliminate the need to waste time sleeping, I might have to pay a computer repair shop to do it for me again. (They flashed some BIOS chips for me in the past, kinda pricy though.)
I'm still curious about the purpose of the I/O reprogramming though. Any idea under what circumstance that would be a good thing?


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