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WTB P719 Neck board, K7600 chassis board, and security chip for STV


I am looking for a P719 neck board and a K7600 chassis board.  I think the monitor is good based on the picture below.  The lines roll on the camera but they seem to be just flicker a bit to the naked eye.  I am not sure what it is but I suspect the two items above.  When I  boot it on the LCD from the VGA port I get the game that comes up and the red box that said Not Authorized see picture below.  I suspect this is the chip in the picture below.  I moved the chip and tried to get better contact but that did not work.  I have found  a post where they said a police trainer chip worked in a STV. 

No longer need the security chip. I think that is working when I boot through the megajamma board. It boots, you can add coins and play but no picture or guns. I took out the neck board and chassis board and took them to a local person that does repairs. They will be tested and re capped. One thing I noticed is when I discharged the monitor to remove the neck board I did not get the pop you normally do. I made sure to discharge a few time to be safe.

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