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In need of the Rock-ola Mirage service manual and/or wiring diagram.


I'm having a bit of trouble "trouble shooting" with my Rock-ola Mirage 3000 as I don't have a service manual or parts catalog or even a wiring diagram/schematic to work my may thru the jukebox. It uses a S-4 system and some parts are similar to the Trilogy so it would be cool if anyone would like to share a copy of their pdf if they have one for any part of this.

surprisingly 1-2 hrs after posting, I found an archive link for rock-ola's old website:
It has operators and service manuals and trouble shooting guides for jukeboxes throughout the 90's and should be a good resource for most. Only down fall is that it seems to be scans made around 2000 so they have low resolution quality and are difficult to read anything in the tiny text parts.
Still looking for a schematic for the computer/CD mech controller and amplifier so great if someone could upload one.


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