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2-Way Options?


I have a Joust & Defender with Zippy joysticks installed with the green 2 way gates configured.  Do they work, yes.  Do they feel accurate and smooth, not even close.  I have all sorts of ideas on what to try but figured I should ask before I try some paper napkin idea like hot gluing popsicle sticks to the bottom of the joystick body.

Normal Ideas:
I've thought about Sanwas with the 2-way gate. 
Possible buying the 2-way rebuild kit from Arcade shop and making it fit on the Zippy.
Installing a Happ with a 3d printed 2 way gate.

Best but requires patience idea:
Stalk eBay for original joysticks

What are my other options to get something else in these machines to improve the 2 way control action?

Thanks gents

You are aware that there is everything you need at Arcadeshop to build an original stick right?


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