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Ami Rowe R87 To Digital Jukebox Build

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So today with a shed clear out I have made room to pull in my old Ami Row Carcass and start to look at building it back to a digital jukebox. It's not pretty and will require some work on the case first as there are no hinges, no glass and a lot of surface rust on the metal grills. I already have my PC set up with DW Jukebox (going for a cheap and free option first). Need to test the original speakers to see if they work and check rubbers and cones.

Have been toying with a few ideas for a new screen for jukebox software which I will add later.

My other projects have been on the small side as I tended to build them for care homes during the pandemic, most were touch screen and used either DW Jukebox or SK Jukebox (sucker for the free software).

As this is a proper jukebox case I will be going down the non touchscreen route and looking to install buttons on the front for the browsing and selection of tracks with some "admin" buttons for Credits, Volume, Skip Track.  As stated earlier I have started to formulate my own skins for this project. The first one had 132 selections (66 strips) but I found that the numeric numbering can only handle 0-99 (100 tracks) per page, this would then require alpha numeric selection and the use of "I" which may get confused with the number one so I stripped back the amount of selections.

The red schemes do have a spelling error (this has now been corrected) and one is plain the other was more colourful at the wife's suggestion.

I then was shown a "Fruitbox" skin which has album covers super imposed over a CD case so I have a work in progress (blue scheme) where it will add the artwork of the album when playing that track. I hope you like them?

I'll be watching closely. Once I determine if my recently
aquired R-85 is fixable, I will go the digital route but would love to keep this piece, but it would require a 200 selection capable interface

So time has been taken up by work, then realise my mothers 80th coming up and she wanted a simple jukebox. So I repurposed my old freestanding unit. New internals, motherboard, memory and hard drive. New cooling fans and a slight change to the software. So I have DW Jukebox with the SMB skin for her oldies, SK Jukebox for (By Artist Only) Albums and then finally Xlobby which will pick up all selections.


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