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What is this cable?


Thankfully, and with the help of others I am getting close with the repair to my Megatouch ION Evo.  This includes an Intel Little Falls upgrade, too.

I got just one wire left over???

This was connected from the IO Board to the front panel pin section on the purple ECS motherboard. 

EC0154-01 Watchdog Timer Cable.

Does this have a home on the Intel MB?

I got it.  The single wire on the socket goes to Pin7 of F_Panel on the motherboard.

Watchdog Timer - This game has been equipped with a feature that allows it to automatically reboot if it encounters a problem. When the watchdog timer is enabled, it will reboot the machine within 2 minutes after a failure, allowing the game to automatically reset itself if a problem arises without needing a technician present.  If you want to disable the watchdog timer, set DIP switch 3 on the I/O board to the open position and reboot the game.

Hope this helps somebody else..

Of the 100's of units in the last 14 some odd years i've had run past my bench, that are setup with watchdog circuits, i've never had a unit watchdog reboot a computer when it's supposed to. JVL, Megatouch, big buck hunter pros... not a one. they all crash and freeze and that's it. i don't get why they keep trying.

HA. I defer to your experience!

I was only interested for completeness.

yeah, I mean if it's there, I plug it in, but if i've somehow lost it or got it stuck under the board when assembling it back together, I don't even bother.



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