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Please help, faulty Golden Tee Fore 2005


Would anyone be able to offer some advice? 

I am the proud owner of a faulty Golden Tee Fore! 2005.  Green board p/n 2011 rev 5.  It's the UK version.

It was bought from eBay with the previous owner knowing very little about it, except he thought it might be the hard disk and had been in storage for a number of years.

Once switched on it detected the hard drive then completed filesystem check then went on an endless reboot.  I then noticed that there was a spare security chip (earlier date), so swapped that to see if it made a difference. In error, the E2-RES3 chip was also removed, but put back in before powering up, oops.  Anyway on power-up this time it progressed to the Golden Tee boot screen with the message System Status OK ... Initializing, please wait.  At this point it then reboots.

After some looking on the forums there were some instructions about disconnecting the start button, so did this and I then got the 'Loading game' message, then reboots.  So close!  After a few reboots, I got the message board error? oh no. 

So I then put the original security chip in and the machine now seems dead.  Black screen and just quickly reboots with the clicking sound from the speakers!  The board's 3 of the 4 led lights are lit.  The unlit one is furthest away, does this mean anything?  I had also disconnected the hard disk, still no display. 

Would you nice people be able to offer some advice on what to try next?  Could the board be dead?  I really want to get this working, but if not are their options for running a raspberry pi with the original trackerball, monitor etc.

Thanks for reading.

I attach some pictures.

Bit of an update. Checked the voltage, it was a little high, so adjusted that to 5.1.  No change.  when powered up, it looked like it was doing something as the HD activity light is flashing but had no output, with the 3 led's lit on the board.

Next, I checked the security chip and the one in the bottom right corner labelled E2-TES3 1999 as I had been messed around with them before.  The E2-TES3 had 2 bent pins not making contact, so attempted to bend them back and the pins broke!!!!!

Would anyone know if I can get a new one of those chips? when I power it up now there is no HD activity and all 4 leds are lit on the board.  So not looking good :(

Really stuck now, would anyone have any advice on what I should do next.

I.T. will replace your broken security chip for $50. I've done it myself. Just call them up and arrange an RMA. You have to ship your old chip to them first for them to verify and they'll send a new one back. :)


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