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Source for TouchTunes Virtuo monitors?


Ive got a half dozen Virtuo jukeboxes sitting here for over a year now.  I desperate for replacement Samsung panels LTI260AP01 or entire replacement monitors.  Goldfinger makes a 26" that drops in but it's impossible to find.

Thanks for any help!!!

TT is backordered for like EVAR on tons of FRU parts with no ETA on when they will have more. I'm hoarding my spare incase someone gets angry.

at this point it's best to try and repair the monitors VS trying to replace them. are the panels you got have the "spot of death" or the backlights dead in them? usually you can repair the inverter and get them going again. I have seen a rash of fried panels with huge round dead pixel areas from other vendors though (seems to be mainly early model virtuo 1's.)

take note, there are 2 different sized monitors used. the older 26" and a newer 27" (L270WF5) and all the bracketry and touch glass and everything all changed. i think this was because they had issues finding 26" and the 27's was the new "mainline" size.

if you can find ANY 26" panels (and as long as it has the same LVDS connection), you should be able to make it work. the panels are pretty standard.

I think there was a mention that Rick at "Niemen video displays" had some 26" panels he posted about blowing out quite a while back. (could be like 2 years now though) but worth a shot anyways. not sure he's still doing stuff as CRT basically died off and LCD wasn't really doing it for keeping business going.

good luck, let me know if you find anything out, i have a couple vendors here who would be interested in some 26" panels as well.


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