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After several years away, I've dived back into DWJukebox.  I had an idea for making a wall jukebox using an HDMI TV, an Amazon Firestick for TV watching, and a fanless stick computer to run DWJukebox and anything else that I'm interested in.  I finally invested the time and effort and funds to make that a reality.  Last week, I changed up my 12 image 'photoskin' with a little different color scheme and 12 images of movie/TV spaceships.  Then I made a new album skin in random sort mode to present my ~1,400 albums in a way that exposes me to my own music when I want to listen to an album I might not have thought of in awhile.  Fun stuff, still.

That album skin in the top right is new, and it's undergone some changes over the past week.  Here's the final look.  I wanted an album skin that wouldn't split albums with a lot of tracks into smaller albums.  By making the "CD" titlestrips 40 lines long, that makes that a rare thing.  I decided to call the skin "LP Party".  It's really pretty handy when I use it in RANDOM song-sort order, presenting me with seven LP's at a time and exposing me to my own collection in a new way.  I've listened to more complete albums this week than I have in a long, long time.

They look great.. I know this is off topic, but do you kow how to define a gamepad, ipca or generic keyboard encoder in the controls.ini file?

My keyboard encoder works fine when I test it in Windows, but I cant get it to work in DWjukebox.

I wish I could help.  I've always just used a keyboard until I bought a programmable USB keypad. 



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