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Making SEGA Genesis cartridges

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Another last gasp.  Retro Bit is making “big six” controllers.  These are the old three button shell with the six button dpad and buttons.  It’s messing with my muscle memory but I did okay on Super SF2.  10 foot cord, working with both my actual console and my Retro Trio 3+.A very nice product for $16 shipped.

This is one of the most entertaining projects I've seen here in years.

I'm only 25 EPROMs into my Mega-Tech bootleg effort but love this perfect (almost) trainwreck :cheers:

This is awesome! I did a similar project for my SNES. I swapped all my NA cart guts to SFC carts and redesigned the front and rear labels.

Hey, those look great, nice work.  Where are you sourcing the cases?

I’ve picked up a few Super Famicom carts lately because they’re so ridiculously cheap.  So cheap, relative to American carts, that I’ve contemplated popping the chips off the boards and burning US ROMs.  Particularly the Final Fantasy games that are $5 vs $50.



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