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Making SEGA Genesis cartridges

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--- Quote from: pbj on March 16, 2022, 04:40:32 pm ---Cheap bootlegs from Thailand.  $5.  Play fine.  Not beveled.  Look cheap.

--- End quote ---

Same Same. But Different.

Welcome to shopping in Thailand.

Got my programmer in the mail.  Still waiting for the UV eraser and blank chips.

But, hey, I've got all these ROM chips laying around, might as well test the setup out and see if it reads chips correctly.

Mark this moment.  This is the first time in BYOAC history that this has ever happened.  Weaker men may feel compelled to insist differently, but your frankencab monstrosities with 30,000 games on them say otherwise.

But, I get ahead of myself.

Here's a Genesis ROM chip plugged into the adapter and programmer.

And here it is.  The first archival backup ROM obtained from a chip I legally own.

And here's a victory lap.



Love it.

I read that Interpol still wants to see an original sales receipt though.

 :cheers: That is beautiful!

Gonna do any homebrew? A few games looked really good and have the roms out there for free like tanglewood.


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