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Cd-100 issue

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Picked up a cd-100 converted to internet now standalone unit. Has original amp and crossover. Finally got around to checking speakers removed pink from right side to check left and lost woofers. If I disconnect left I loose everything. I remove ground nothing changes. I checked wiring with schematic everything seems good possibly crossover? Looked at schematic of crossover but haven't pulled yet to check.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

crossover having bad solder joints is quite common. lots of vibration and the solder cracks.

heat up the connection and add some fresh solder to each connection. (doesn't take long it only has like 20 or 30 points.)

I will check that when I pull it. Thanks

OK update pulled crossover has burnt resistor and cap with a broken lead. I can read cap but resistor is toast as usual Can't read it. The schematic I have is for a crossover ending in 701. The crossover I have is 61038801 and I can't seem to find a schematic for it anywhere to get value. Even looked for used crossover. Ordered a crossover before looking at numbers on mine went with number on schematic that came with unit (yeah I know) it came today and it's missing a cap on it so can't even rewire the jukebox as still won't be right. So if someone has same crossover value of r3 would be greatly appreciated. I think it's same as r4 just want to confirm as probably will replace all caps and resistors.

Without schematic I traced everything and was able to figure out value. Ordered all components to replace be here Monday. Will update when done.


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