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I have decided to put some casters on my cabinet and am trying to get opinions on them or combinations of casters and leg levelers. I want to be able to roll the cabinet easily on carpet but I don't want it to be unstable, tip, shake or move. I was thinking about swivel casters in the back and levelers in the front so I can turn the cabinet to work on it but have it be sturdy when in place. But I also thought of casters on all 4 sides with brakes, but am not sure brakes would keep them from wobbling. I would like to hear opinions on the best combinations to increase some height, make it easy to move, yet solid as a rock.

You can always go with the hybrid style casters with leveling feet built in. Depending on your budget, the simple ones just have a leveling leg that is hand screwed down, and the fancier ones have casters that retract or kick pedals that lower the leveling legs.

You could also make the back side ride on rigid straight casters and only have the front casters turn. That should eliminate the side-to-side wobble and cut the cost for two of the casters.

Magic Sliders.  Break out your wallet.

I have 4" Magic Sliders on there now. They were a waste of $20. But the main reason for the change is to increase the height of the cabinet. Control panel is 36" and is too low for me. Casters will increase the height and make it easy to move.

Vigo, this is perfect. Thank you. I had no idea this was an option.


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