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New section idea


Gloat section:)

You can gloat about your cabinet or frontend or hack or whatever:)  It will give people ideas.

Like I'd put in there:
Man, my cabinet isgoing to be damn cool.  Most everything will be USB so swapping controls is a breeze.  I'm extremely happy I put USB ports on the front of the cabinet.  When Act Labs get's their gun done I'll have the place to plug them into:)  Those ports are also used for 3rd and 4th player gamepads or a keyboard an mouse when needed.
Also I'm hooking a relay and solenoid to the parallel port to make a q*bert knocker.
Everything is going to be themed after pacman, but not pacman itself.  The name of the cabinet is YapCab and the name of the FE I'm making for it is YapFE.  Yes, those are acronyms.
I have a friend who is a graphics designer.  He's doing all the graphics for my cabinet and frontend.  The instruction card to use YapFE is pretty cool, the entire FE can be navigated with the joystick, a select button, and a page up and down button.  It has features like search/filters, unlimited categories (based off the catver.ini file though), and unlimited user editable favorites lists.  The power of databases....
So far the cabinet has three control panels.  Your typical one with 2 8ways/6 buttons each, trackball, and spinner.the second one will have weird controls, like dual trigger joysticks, dotron spinner, qbert 4way, rotory sticks.
The third one right now has pinball buttons and a flat top for keyboard and mouse.  Will make the top modular to insert steering wheels and yokes.

preliminary pics:
yapfe1.jpg through yapfe8.jpg

We already have that. It's one the main menu under Examples.


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