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So I picked up an OG Xbox for $10 the other day. Never had an Xbox of any kind before. I looked around for modding options and the soft mod seemed like too much trouble. I used to mod Playstation 2's as a side hustle back in the day, so installing mod chip seemed like a no brainer. Got an Aladdin chip from Amazon and installed it tonight. This Xbox is v1.0 (removed the clock cap while I was at it). Xbox boots fine with the EvoX logo with a power button press. Holding the power button down does not boot the system. LED is flashing red/green and no video output. Kernel shown up as 1.6 in system info now. Google says I need to flash bios to the chip for my version of hardware (1.0). What's the best way to get that done?

Next, I have a couple of hard drives sitting around.What's the proper way to initialize a new HDD?

And, if I have everything else sorted, what are ways to put games on the HDD? Will windows see the drive and let me copy things over, or am I limited to FTP? Also, do I just copy the ISO files, or do they need to be extracted and put in to individual folder?

So the red/green flashing light turned out to be a faulty mod chip. I was able to format a new HDD with Hexen disc, but was still getting intermittent boot or problems, and eventually it stopped booting and would just do t uh e red/green light. Pulled the chip out and boots fine. Amazon is shipping a new chip....

Just TSOP flash it.

Soft mods are fairly advanced these days, too.

I get that, but I would need to buy Splinter Cell and a USB cable...

Amazon delivered a new chip so all good now. Still need to figure out the best way to put games on the HDD. So far I have been burning the ISOs to an RW disc and using DVD2HDD app to install the games

FTP them from a pc via cross over cable, bro. 


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