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Keyboard drawer video game knob/pull/handle recommendations?

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I'm going to install a drawer pull (aka knob or handle) on the keyboard drawer in my cab.  I could go with a normal black or silver pull, but I decided to check Google for any video game/arcade themed handles and I came across few interesting on Etsy (see the bottom of this post for examples).

Has anyone else ever used a video game themed knob?  Are there any other options out there?

See examples of what I've seen on Etsy:

* Video game knob Etsy search
* Game Character Knobs - Boss Key Decor $18-$25 3D knobs
* Retro Arcade Game Knobs $4.50 printed white arcade knobs

Mike A:
Just use a wireless keyboard.

No drawer.

This palm size wireless touchpad flips between a lighted keyboard and a mouse.  I made a hidden holster on my cabinet for it.  The screen is black when in mouse mode. If you see the keys, it's in keyboard mode.  The H18+ is amazing, $20 well spent.

Mike A:
I put mine on the top of the cabinet.

A drawer is just a solution in search of a problem.


--- Quote from: Mike A on January 27, 2022, 05:45:32 am ---Just use a wireless keyboard.

No drawer.

--- End quote ---

100% this.  You can put it on top of the cab or if you are like me, you can tuck it just inside of the coin door.  Adding a drawer is one more thing that can break or not work quite right (and I also think a knob on the front of a cabinet is not going to look great but that's just me).


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