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Old Wico Trackball and IPAC2


I am trying to connect an old wico trackball to an ipac2.

There are six wires. I understand blue and purple are for the Y axis, green and yellow for the X axis. There's also a double red, and a double black.  I'm guessing the black is ground and red is 5V.

Is it as simple as connecting the appropriate wires to the pins on the ipac2? Any other hardware or software configuration?

If I have it configured correctly, will it function like a mouse? If so, that would help with testing....

Using this with a new Coinops build.

Grateful for any help or advice.


Here is a no solder option for connecting to an i-pac.  I use this with a happ trackball.  If the happ pin outs differ from the wico, swap the dupont connectors using a small exacto.


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