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Composite sync in Atom15?


I'm all ready to try my luck with Groovymame and have everything lined up including a nice 25" CRT-television from Sony (I'm in Europe so scart) and a UMSA-adapter. I don't want to risk trashing the tv by mistake, som I'm gonna flash Atom15 to the HD 5750 gfx card I'm using. But do I flash it with the composite sync option enabled or disabled for the setup I have? Thanks.

Oh, and do you think I will be happy running a Core 2 Quad 9650 (3GHz) with latest GM v .239? Or is it so slow, that I would be happier with an older version?

I would imagine that PC will be fine for GroovyMAME.

From the UMSA page- "Converts 15Khz RGBHV via a DSUB HD 15pin  to 15Khz RGBS SCART signal"

You will need to use separate H- and V-sync (which is default) and not set up anything in the PC for composite sync.


I wouldn't worry too much about potentially breaking your Sony. Better install Emudriver/GroovyMAME and get everything up and running before attempting the flash. Starting things with a flashed card isn't recommended unless you have some experience.

Buttersoft and Calamity, thanks to both of you. Now I can press on. I'm comfortable with flashing my card, but I'll hold off, until everything is up and running smoothly. Thanks again, much appreciated.


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