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LED buttons - Yes or No


I am starting to come to the realization that LED buttons are more trouble than they're worth. With a full size 2 player control panel the amount of wiring has become too great and combined with the fact LED buttons are always generics, I am having second thoughts. It may be time to go back to genuine HAPP and cherry switches and give up my "wow" factor, at least visually on the control panel. With that said, I would be interested in some creative LED lighting in other areas to make up for it. I want the cabinet to pop, but I am tired of having an unmanageable control panel with generic buttons. Anyone feel the same? And if you have some ideas, please share.

Mike A:
LED buttons are dumb.

It is an arcade cab, not a ---smurfing--- Christmas tree.

So I guess my vote is no.

I like LED buttons for my MAME cab but didn't like the feel of the ones I started with so I've ordered a full set of ones with leaf switches to replace the microswitch versions.

I've tried LED buttons from several arcade shops and never liked any of them in one way or another. I used different switches to change the feel but ultimately put HAPP with cherry's back in and couldn't be happier.

On arcade cabinets,no,they suck, en vpins,yes.


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