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Xbox series s or x arcade cabinet


Hi guys just wondering with the advancement in emulation on the xbox series s and x, whether some one has attempted to build a cabinet using the console. Been searching for a device to put into a cabinet which is capable of all the old nes, snes ect..roms but most importantly ps2 games. If it wasn't for the ps2 roms I'd just use my nvidia shield tv or buy a pii. Also don't know how you'd connect a console upto the joystick and buttons. Any help guys. Finally ready to build. Cheers

 :dunno Why? why bother? modern games suck at being played with arcade buttons and joysticks. As far as i know, newer xbox dont have emulators yet. And even if they do, is way cheaper to use an old pc,for all retro games. Mame would work just fine on a 4th gen pc even with the built in video card. As per building a cabinet with an xbox, there was xbox to jamma for the og xbox, and similar for the 360. Ebay is you friend.

Retroarch installs fine on Xbox One without any hacking.


--- Quote from: pbj on February 02, 2022, 07:00:59 am ---Retroarch installs fine on Xbox One without any hacking.

--- End quote ---
Nice, together with this 0 delay whatever, it can be posible to have an xbox one cab, i still dont like the idea, but hey, anyone does whet they want to do.


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