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Initial D 4 Controls Configuration in Teknoparrot


I am trying to run Initial D 4 in Teknoparrot. The game will launch just fine, and I can navigate through the menu, choose a car, etc. When it comes time to start a race, my gas and brake donít work. All of my other Teknoparrot games including later Initial D games work just fine. I assume I have to go into the test or service menus and configure something but I canít figure out how to do it. I have mapped a test and a service button, but I boot straight into the game and donít see an opportunity to try to configure the pedals.  The issue exists in both the Japanese and Export versions.

Can anyone who has dealt with this issue help.  Thanks in advance.


Posted several places, so I'm guessing no one has dealt with this specific issue, so it's on to brainstorming.

I saw someone suggest they fixed a wonky calibration setup by deleting some file that stored the calibration info, and then when they rebooted the game, it prompted them to configure the wheel and pedals.  This was a later version of ID, not ID4 which is what I am struggling with.  The only settings file I can see is the ID4.ini, but it doesn't appear to have that info. 

Anyone have any thoughts along these lines?  If the answer is obvious to you, it isn't to me.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.

best to just come to teknogods discord and we can help directly

I joined yesterday evening, I'll head there to look for help.  Thanks.

P.S.  The force feed back plugin is an awesome feature.  Thank you!

For posterity, I thought I would share my solution.  I reconfigured my pedals as negative pedals, so they are now read in Teknoparrot, MAME, etc. as y-, z-.  ID4 worked with this setting, and other games and systems do as well.  Thanks to all for the suggestions.


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