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an update.  Ive been working on getting a 'public beta' release of this out soon.  Ive been doing some dev/updates that make it easier to setup and get going.

Ive tested the new setup and its working well with mame/model2/tekno with no issues 'yet'.... it tracks really well.    It emulates a mouse so should be straightforward for other emus...

Im just trying to figure out what method to use as 'default' as there's really 3 ways to make this work right currently. 

1>  an oculus pc app.  It uses openxr so pretty much any controllers that work with openxr should work ok?  I dev with quest2 and it works well.  The pros in this method is that its easy to configure as you don't need to sideload apk onto the quest and you just use normal oculus link to work quest2.  The cons is that it takes up cpu/gpu resources this way as the app runs on the pc.

2>  native apk/quest2 app.  This runs directly on the quest and sends wifi packets to the touchpoint server on the pc(minimal like 1% cpu usage only).   more complex to sideload and wifi may incur slower response if your wifi isn't the best.

3>  offshoot of 2,  native apk/quest2, but uses adb/directusb connection to pc so that no wifi issues as it uses direct usb for networking.  Minimal pc usage again but come complex to setup....

It also now support 4:3 mode and fullscreen mode too.  It will be released freeware.

Hi Nailbuster,

Thanks for continuing work on this project. I think it's a great idea. I tried experimenting myself using unity and I found that using adb was the best for fastest response etc. which is important if you are flicking between targets.

I would probably say that the default option should be the easiest to get going but it would be great to have all three ways available to choose.

Looking forward to the beta release!

This looks great. Good job.


Very nice!  So what are the chances this takes off working with Vive controllers and Lighthouses?  If it doesn't require anything oculus specific, I'm getting the sense that one could just open SteamVR, fire up your software and it would work.  But I don't want to get my hopes up  :lol


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