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I like to tinker with ideas and stuff and develop software... so im trying a proof-of-concept in using VR controllers for lightguns.

I was wanting something wireless and was looking around at some options/ideas out there...  so thought about rolling my own.

progress!!!  Here's currently where im at:

Just bored and trying to see if something like this is feasible.

Ive written VR stuff in unity so i could make it a bit easier to run directly on my mamecab via questlink and make it more custom....(off screen reload and stuff)


Yeah, it's the kind of thing that could be really useful, just nobody has really worked on it as anything more than a proof of concept. The general cost of VR is still prohibitive, after all.

The best bet is either a 3D printed gun sight, or maybe attaching a sensor to an existing gun shell, depending on the tracking system. The quest has some pistol grips you can buy that you might be able to stick some rudimentary sights to and use as a pretty handy wireless gun. In terms of software, something based around OpenVR would be best for the widest compatibility, like with That, combined with an on screen calibration tool and the standard "shoot the targets" to dial in the cursor, line of sight offset for sight picture alignment, and as a virtual joystick or mouse driver implementation so you could use it in all the games, would create a pretty good system with low latency and any distance tracking, with accuracy being dependent on the tracking system used.

But it's a lot of work for a fairly niche application.

agreed,  OpenXR is what unity uses for compatibility between HMDs.... I wouldn't expect someone to buy a VR headset for light-guns use only, im betting many probably have a quest 1/2 or similar already and this is just a 'optional' thingy.

I have an old quest1 sitting around that i would probably use for this if it works well enough.

I was also thinking that perhaps making a WebXR page might make it easier to use.  With a websocket connection locally for msg/events to cabinet.  That way the cab doesn't use hardly any resources that way and keeps the logic on the headset.  A few ideas to see which works best...tinkering is fun....

I really wanted something wireless and accurate and since i have the VR extra equipment I'll give it a shot.

This is just a 'hobby' idea, so i may play around with it just for the 'fun' of it.   

That's a great idea - I've played a lot of lightgun games using a PC based Oculus Rift and Virtual Desktop, and the low latency and accuracy are major strengths. Never thought of using it as you have with a monitor.

I got a Quest 2 at Christmas as there were some really cheap deals, so if you can make an app for use with these lower priced headsets I'm sure plenty of people would be interested.

some progress....  have an app on quest running connecting to winPC app that works pretty well.  Again its just a WIP but so far it's not too shabby.


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